Economical freelance development site acquisitions and sales



Andrews Property Consultants are a boutique, fully mobile real estate agency boasting a wealth of experience and industry knowledge providing property solutions as diverse as they are innovative. With almost thirty years of experience in sales of established homes, land sales, new homes, farms and lifestyle properties, the number of transactions conducted by John number in the many hundreds. He has been involved in acquisitions of residential development sites, refurbishment projects and retail leasehold sites across Australia. The Andrews Property Consultants business model is purposely a low overhead business model allowing us to pass on significant savings to our clients.


Innovation and flexibility in development site acquisition & sale services.


Andrews Property Consultants have over 30 years of experience in conducting real estate transactions including sales, acquisitions and client side retail leasing, we offer a completely mobile, nimble and an economically viable alternative to traditional real estate practices through innovation and flexibility.

  • We are flexible enough to act exclusively in the interests of buyers or sellers avoiding any conflict of interest only charging one side of any given transaction.
  • Vendors and buyers can freely select the basis of their relationship with us, either representing them exclusively for a fee or alternately pay nothing at all.
  • Vendors for instance are able to sell properties through us and pay nothing, zero, zip. as we collect a fee from participating buyer clients
  • For Buyers who choose to engage our services for particular assignments, we offer services partly on fee for service to cover marketing costs, travel and time and include a success fee only if agreed and only if a transaction is successfully completed.
  • All acquisition services include appropriate research to ensure a site is fit for purpose, a due diligence phase, site visits and inspections, verbal and written reports and negotiation services.

Feel free to contact John on 0409 440995 with any questions you may have.