After almost thirty years involvement in real estate experience tells me that probably the smartest way to buy property is to use the services of a buyer’s agent. In the traditional model, given that vendors factor commission expenses into their bottom line when selling it becomes clear that the buyer is paying for the cost to vendors of an agent to act against their interests. At the end of the day it seems to make good sense that if the buyer is ultimately paying for professional services, those professionals should be acting in the buyers interests rather than the reverse. Ethical agents can only accept a commission or fee from one side of any given transaction and you will notice as you peruse this website that we offer vendors an option to sell their properties without paying any fees which in turn provides buyers with a number of opportunities not the least of which is to have the first opportunity to purchase a property which suits their requirements in an “off market” environment. However access to off market opportunities is only one factor why you should consider using the services of a buyer’s agent.

  1. As mentioned, access to off market opportunities.
  2. Professional negotiation expertise that acts in your interests as opposed to acting in the vendor’s interest.
  3. Greater due diligence, knowledge of the market and how the industry operates ensuring you do not pay too much.
  4. Understanding of the process ensuring you don’t fall victim to contractual or practical pitfalls.
  5. Able to inspect properties at any time (particularly useful for interstate or intercity buyers or people with working commitments).
  6. Industry connections with new project offerings and familiarity with the pricing and value of the various builder’s products.
  7. Expertise in land ensuring maximum value and aspect is achieved while avoiding common pitfalls.
  8. Most of all ensuring that property fits the criteria and represents value for money.

 “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”        Warren Buffett

Registering is the first step in finding a property to fit your requirements in a cost effective manner without being obligated in any way so feel free to fill out the form and we will be in contact to discuss how we might best help you achieve your goals or simply phone John on 0409 440995

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