Buyers generally get the worst end of the stick. Besides the builder’s and developer’s corporate profits, buyers fund the commissions that are paid to estate agents, wealth creation companies and property spruikers by the developers and builders in the case of new and off the plan properties. In the existing or established space,it is the buyer who funds the commissions paid to estate agents by private vendors which provides for the profits along with the entire operating costs of estate agents in this class of property. While the buyer actually funds everything, often paying a premium price for the privilege, they receive very little, apart from the property they have purchased, in the way of guidance or assistance. In contrast to the way the industry generally works, we look after the interests of buyers providing market intelligence, negotiating experience and guidance that stems from an intimate understanding of how the industry works. We have effective strategies in place to ensure that you, our client significantly benefits whether you are in the market for an established property, an off the plan or newly completed townhouse, apartment or a house/land package throughout the greater Melbourne and Geelong regions.