Being a customer focused enterprise, we’ve decided to “unpack” real estate services to offer our clients real choice as they consider the sale of possibly their most valuable asset, their home. As you will see we present a number of options including low cost fee for service options, success fee options and combinations of both. Choose from the list of options below to suit your budget and/or willingness to be involved in the process

  • Traditional Service: The complete package offering auction or sale by private treaty where everything is agreed by negotiation in advance.
  • Capped Fee Option: A combination of fee for service in advance combined with a success fee payable at settlement at very competitive rates.
  • Vendor Assisted: Much like the capped fee option but discounted in recognition of the vendor conducting first round inspections of the property.
  • Fee For Service: Vendors pay an agreed fee in advance and do all inspections, supported by negotiating services and mentoring throughout.
  • List and pay no fees at all: With this option the fees are paid by the buyers using our buyer’s agency service.


  • Traditional Service
    This is the traditional service offered by estate agents all over the country including all of the bells and whistles except that we are a mobile service provider and do not maintain an office and the typical overheads of contemporary estate agents and are thus able to pass the savings on.
  • Capped Fee Option
    While the capped fee option places a limit on the fee charged regardless of the value of the property being sold, all of the necessary tools including an onsite feature board, professional photography, listing on major industry portals and full agency service and attendance are not compromised in the slightest. While there is a fee for service component payable in advance the total fee will never exceed $5,900.00 inc.G.S.T. with the greatest portion payable upon settlement.
  • Vendor Assisted
    The Vendor Assisted option is exactly like the Capped Fee Option but recognizes the contribution in effort by the Vendor who conducts all first round inspections with an agent attending subsequent inspections with interested buyers, includes listing on industry portals, professional photography and a corporate board erected on the property. Once again there is a fee for service component payable in advance with the balance being a success fee, together totaling $3,300.00 Inc. G.S.T the bulk of which is payable upon settlement.
  • Fee For Service
    This is a low cost alternative for those wishing to sell. The vendor conducts all inspections but has phone support available to provide strategic advice and mentoring throughout the entire process along with an agent to conduct negotiations once a buyer surfaces with an offer to communicate. Included are listings on industry portal, professional photography and corporate signage erected on the property. A prepaid fee for service of $1,990.00 inc. G.S.T. applies, available Victoria wide, drive away, no more to pay!
  • List And Pay No Fees At All
    This is the no cost alternative for those wishing to sell. Vendors simply submit their property for the consideration of our buyer clients. We do not otherwise promote the property with signage or advertising of any description and avoid a conflict of interest by not providing an appraisal of value. If you already have an idea of value, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Please note: Given that 90% of buyers use the internet these days, newspaper advertising is not included, except by negotiation in all packages.

Feel free to submit your property in the form below if you wish to take advantage of the fee for service option or you simply wish to submit the property to our pool of buyers.

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