Selecting an agent

For most people selecting the best agent to look after the biggest investment most people have, which is their home, is a little like playing a game of Russian Roulette. The big franchises tend to rely on slick marketing and big impressive advertising campaigns to attract listings but there is actually no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the results achieved are as superior as the extensive advertising campaigns suggest.

Smaller agencies who don’t have the marketing dollars at their disposal mostly rely on the merit of their past results to generate future listings by referral, which means in actual reality that they are more likely to pay far more attention to their professional reputation than the average licensed franchisee who’s actual ethics and ability are not exactly a high priority of the franchiser’s who’s one and only concern is the ability of the franchisee’s to generate income, the quality of results becoming the first casualty of the business plan. Potential vendors should give some thought to the commercial reality that higher turnover is always accompanied by lower prices and as such the success of an agent.s results in terms of the number of properties sold is no indicator of the quality of the results achieved. The secondary consideration is to realize that the huge marketing dollars that agents invariably suggest should be expended inĀ  news paper campaigns at the vendor’s cost mostly benefit the agent’s agents profile in their local area doing little to actually promote a property to potential buyers given that most people source property over the internet where the cost to vendors is negligible in comparison.