The Thinking Vendor!

New selling option for vendors.

With the new wave of discount, fixed price real estate agents now competing with the traditional agencies with their high overhead running models people can sell their homes for a lot less in fees these days, saving the “commisery” as its known.

But if you think about it, neither do you have to suffer the “commisery” you don’t even have to pay the “brickery”. There are other options, you could for instance work with a buyer’s agent, who is being paid by the buyer and pay nothing at all, zero, zilch, no marketing costs, no doing open for inspections every weekend, you don’t even need to give an exclusive authority, just consider the offers as they arrive.

And when you think about it, there is no guarantee that the agent will work exclusively in your interest when the commercial pressures on an agent with high overheads can cause a conflict of interest, particularly if the property has been sitting for a while.

Our new selling option for vendors, reverses the entire traditional selling process and offers we believe, a number of advantages:

  1. No need to factor in a commission when assessing the bottom line or the actual amount you will receive at settlement.
  2. No costs associated with marketing and advertising the property.
  3. No signage.
  4. No never ending Open For Inspections schedules requiring cleaning and maintenance on a weekly basis.
  5. Inspections only required for highly qualified buyers in a position to buy.
  6. No authorities to sign and no exclusive agency arrangements made with any particular agent.
  7. No commissions, no marketing costs, no ongoing obligations and a limited authority to sell, our service also comes with very little disruption to vendor’s lives.

Given that we are paid by buyers who have commissioned our services, vendor’s, who already know the value of their property, can make significant savings on commissions and also save on fixed pre-paid marketing commitments and costs by exploring selling options with Andrews Property Consultants without any obligation whatsoever.