There are a number of reasons with value taking precedence. Depending on the type of property you wish to buy, you could save thousands if not tens of thousands by dealing with us, particularly in off the plan apartments and more particularly house/land packages, where our strategies and approach deliver custom designed homes at investor grade pricing, in other words more house for your money, more bang for your buck. Everyone’s a winner using our business model, In the case of established property, vendors using our services, win by avoiding steep sales commissions, enjoy zero marketing costs including the cost of signage, the constant inconvenience of regular open for inspections or inspections from unsuited and unqualified buyers while enjoying total freedom, free of any obligation whatsoever. Buyers win by buying in a transparent, low pressure environment with the assistance of an industry professional providing guidance and market intelligence on any proposed purchase. The simple fact of the matter is that buyers ultimately pay all commissions in any and every case where the costs of selling are factored into the price, under our system, buyers are much better off financially. Whether you are a buyer or seller please read through the relevant sections in the menus and feel free to contact John on 0409 440995 if you have further questions.

How Are We Different!

Seller or Vendor Agents

In the traditional business model of an estate agency business, agents typically list a property and search for a suitable buyer. In contrast, we “list the buyer” then search for a suitable property, completely reversing the traditional process with the buyer in all likelihood being better off considering that sellers factor their selling costs which include the commissions paid to selling agents into their decisions to accept or reject any given offer. Of course, under our business model, sellers or vendors are better off as they pay absolutely nothing to sell their property, unlike the traditional system where in essence vendor’s consider offers brought to them by their selling agent, exactly as they would consider offers that we might¬† bring, no difference whatsoever, except they don’t pay an agent for the privilege.

Buyer Agents

Buyer agents typically scan the market for publicly available properties that may suit their clients requirements, which results in a general increase in the overall transaction costs for both parties given that vendors are paying their selling agent and the buyers are paying their buyer’s agent, whereas, although we remain open to value propositions from any source we primarily target properties that have not yet been listed by selling agents and offer vendors a method of selling their properties to extensively qualified buyers without incurring any costs whatsoever, an avenue that consequently reduces the overall transaction costs, resulting in added value to all parties involved in any given transaction.